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Honey, We Shrunk The Couch!

Dec 2, 2021 | Uncategorized

This past week we were able to save an interior designer in a jam. A new sleeper sofa was ordered and delivered to a client in a new home. Except there was one problem. The sofa was too big for the stairs!Problem:sleeper sofa+3rd floor= long day for FinishProsSolution: call FinishPros!We began by removing the sleeper unit and then the material. This delicate task of removing the material and padding needed to be done extremely carefully since it would be reused. We then disassemble part of the frame and cut the arm.

The first attempt up the stairway was a bust and an additional section of the sofa frame needed to be removed.

Finally after 5 hours the dismantled frame was on the third floor. After several more hours the material was reapplied and we claimed a successful day!