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The Great Gatsby Sofa

Dec 29, 2021 | Transformation Stories

I love working on family heirlooms and this sofa embodies the definition of quality. After this project was completed our team referred to the piece as “The Great Gatsby Sofa” because of the art deco appearance. 

The owner of this 1920’s era sofa had a strong sentimental  attachment to it as it was owned by his grandparents. The attachment goes deeper, because family memories have been shared on and around this piece for decades.

Was this piece salvageable? Was it worth restoring? Where would you start?

Without a doubt our team could address the sagging springs, poor condition cushions and replace the fabric. Replacement sofas would not hold the memories and the cost of a new sofa of similar design would cost over $8,000. 

The process for the owner was easy! I was thrilled to learn about the history of this sofa and share my knowledge of the story of the construction and design of the sofa.. I was able to present material options that would stand the test of time in his active home.  The final fabric decision was a boucle material.




 Step 1: Inspection and fabric consultation

Step 2: Finish Pros pick up of sofa

Step 3: Strip old material, springs and padding

Step 4: Repair any loose joints on frame

Step 5: Retie springs

Step 6: Completely repad and improve comfort of seat cushion with full length cushion

Step 7: Reupholster to original channel back design

Step 8: White Glove Delivery to Excited Client


been wanting to do this my whole life and have spent the past three years looking for the perfect fabric and people to do it:)”

Tim S.