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    The Art of Reupholstery: What Sets an Incredible Job Apart from the Average


    At Finish Pros, nestled in the heart of Raleigh, NC, we’ve built a reputation not just for refinishing furniture but for transforming it through custom upholstery and meticulous restoration. Our clients often share stories of varied experiences with upholstery shops, highlighting a common thread: the difference between a satisfactory job and an incredible one often lies in the details and the dedication of the team behind the work.

    Collaboration: The Finish Pros Edge

    What sets an incredible reupholstery job apart from the average? At Finish Pros, it starts with collaboration. Unlike many upholsterers who work in isolation, our master upholsterers thrive on teamwork. Each piece of furniture, with its unique curves and style, presents a new challenge that our team tackles together. This collaborative spirit ensures that we leverage the vast range of expertise within our team, from historical sewing and padding techniques to working with delicate materials like silks or robust ones like leather.

    Expertise and Specialization

    The range of specializations among our team members means that every project benefits from deep, specific knowledge, whether it’s achieving the perfect arch on a cushion, crafting a flawless waterfall skirt, or restoring a piece with historical accuracy. Our expertise is not just a factor of our incredible outcomes; it’s the backbone.

    Foundation: The Key to Excellence

    However, the true key to an incredible outcome lies in the foundation. Our process begins with a meticulous preparation phase, which many overlook. We carefully remove old material, uncovering the history of the piece layer by layer. It’s not uncommon to find furniture that has simply been reupholstered over old fabric multiple times—a shortcut we never take at Finish Pros. By removing each layer, we not only discover the piece’s story but also address any underlying issues that have been ignored for generations.

    A recent project, a Duncan Phyfe style sofa circa 1940, exemplified this process. As we peeled back layers of material from the 1980s and 1960s, we finally reached the original fabric from the 1940s. This uncovering revealed a history but also highlighted the neglect the frame, springs, webbing, and padding had suffered. Our approach? Start from scratch. We removed the outdated and worn components, prepared the frame, and employed techniques like basket weaving jute webbing and eight-way tied springs, ensuring a foundation that honors the piece’s legacy.

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    The Finish Pros Promise

    In Raleigh and beyond, from furniture refinishing in Durham to custom upholstery across the Triangle, our commitment remains the same: to provide not just a service, but an art form. Our incredible outcomes are a testament to our process, expertise, and the collaborative spirit that defines Finish Pros.

    Whether you’re seeking “furniture refinishing near me,” “custom upholstery,” or “antique furniture restoration,” know that with Finish Pros, you’re not just restoring a piece of furniture. You’re preserving history, embracing craftsmanship, and choosing a team that sees beyond the fabric and frame to the stories and memories they hold.

    At Finish Pros, we don’t just refinish or upholster furniture; we bring it back to life, ensuring each piece not only fits your space but also tells its unique story. Visit us for a consultation and experience the difference true craftsmanship can make.

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