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Transforming Furniture Stories

We specialize in furniture repair and reupholstery, breathing fresh vitality into both commercial and residential spaces. Our showcase is a testament to the artistry and dedication we bring to every project, revealing stunning before and after transformations that leave a lasting impression..

In the realm of design, every piece of furniture has a story to tell. With time, use, and the touch of life, these pieces may lose their luster and appeal. But fear not, for our skilled artisans are masters at turning back the clock. Our portfolio is a treasure trove of furniture tales, each chapter unfolding the journey from a tired "before" to a breathtaking "after."

Custom Upholstery

When it comes to our custom upholstery services, it's all about giving your furniture a fresh, personalized twist. We work closely with you to select fabrics, patterns, and styles that match your unique taste, ensuring your pieces become a seamless part of your home's story.

Furniture Refinishing

Ever had a piece of furniture you just couldn't part with, but it's seen better days? That's where our furniture refinishing services come in – we'll take your beloved pieces and give them a second chance to shine, all while preserving the memories they hold.

Lacquer Painting

Our lacquer painting services add a pop of personality to your furniture. Whether you're looking for a sleek modern finish or a burst of vibrant color, we've got the airbrush and the expertise to transform your pieces into statement-makers.

Furniture Restoration

Is that old family heirloom or flea market find looking a bit worse for wear? Our furniture restoration services are here to bring back its former glory. We're all about breathing new life into well-loved pieces, making them not just functional again but also cherished highlights in your home.

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