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Residential Services

Choosing restoration over replacement has many benefits. Refurbishing your existing furniture gives you the opportunity to customize fabrics and finishes, and preserve cherished heirlooms.

We also specializes in Custom Upholstery, Furniture Refinishing and Lacquer Painting. Finish Pros ensure that every project reflects our dedication to excellence.

Commercial Services

Finish Pros is equipped to handle any size job, from a simple elevator cab touch-up to a full restoration of a 5,000-seat theater.

Many services can be conveniently performed on-site at your location. For larger projects, we offer transportation to and from our state-of-the-art 14,000-square foot restoration facility.

How We Work

Our Process

Our 3 step process from idea to final delivery.
ideas & inspiration

1. Ideas & Inspiration

After an initial conversation, we’ll take a look at your piece. For smaller items that are easy to transport, we’ll have you come to us for an in-shop appointment. For larger items or multiple pieces, we’ll schedule an in-home consultation with you to assess your goals for your piece(s) and ‘diagnose’ your needs. We’ll look at fabrics and finish samples together and determine the best options for you and your project.

2. Craftsmanship & Transformation

We create a detailed work plan, considering every aspect of your project. Our skilled artisans, working closely together, bring your vision to life through a meticulous, multi-phase process. They rely on their expertise and collaborate to make countless informed decisions, ensuring the best long-term results.

Furniture Delivery

3. Careful Delivery

We offer white-glove delivery services to protect your piece throughout its journey to your home. Our processes for loading, transporting, and unloading ensure a seamless and safe delivery, so you can enjoy the transformation in its full glory.

Our Services

What We Offer

Craftsman Quality, Attention to Detail, Unparalleled Service.
custom upholstery

Whether you need a pet-friendly fabric or a fine damask silk, our Fabric Experts will help you find the perfect choice to suit your needs, as well as your tastes.

We help you select the perfect material for your project resulting in beautiful results that will stand the test of time.

lacquer painting

Be creative and choose any color imaginable to update your furniture for a fresh contemporary look!

Enhance your living spaces with Finish Pros' expert furniture refinishing services. Whether it's beloved antiques or modern pieces, we skillfully transform them into unique, worry-free items, preserving cherished memories and crafting new ones.

furniture restoration

When it comes to restoring heirloom and antique furniture, we never cut corners. It’s our commitment to quality that sets our work apart, to turn your favorite piece of furniture into a work of art.


Completed Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you are welcome to provide your own fabric, but please keep in mind that Finish Pros carries a wide variety of the highest quality fabrics, and our expertise allows us to guide you to a fabric that is the most appropriate for your particular piece of furniture.

Refinishing is never done on-site, and only the smallest of repairs are ever done on-site.

Sometimes it is possible to remove heat marks from a table, but it all depends upon the severity of the damage and the quality of the finish in which the damage is present. While we encourage anyone with this problem to have it taken care of professionally, we have published a short tutorial video to YouTube for anyone who wants to try their hand at removing heat marks in a less involved, DIY way.

Most pieces of furniture will not lose value when they are refinished. Keep in mind that the number one reason for a finish in the first place is preservation. Here is a link to a short blog post written by Finish Pros owner Dan Mckenzie on this subject: Does refinishing a family heirloom decrease it’s value?

While you are welcome to bring furniture to us, our normal process is to come out to your home or place of business and give you a free estimate. At that point, if you would like to begin the process, our estimator can either pick up the piece or have our office management call you to set up a pick-up date. We offer convenient pickup and delivery services!

Our Finish Pros estimator is able to give you a basic yardage estimate upon inspection of your piece.

Absolutely. During the initial upholstery estimate, we will carefully inspect your cushions and ask you several questions about your current state of comfort or discomfort. Finish Pros offers a variety of cushion solutions, and uses only the highest quality foams, dacron products, and downs. For more information, you can read about cushion options on our blog: Soggy sofa? We can help! 

It may or may not be. Finish Pros does not want to work on poorly-built furniture, and we will always be completely honest about the quality of your pieces when we conduct estimates. To qualify for reupholstery, a piece of furniture should be of solid construction, or have what people commonly refer to as “good bones”.

Finish Pros does not use the dipping method for furniture refinishing. While this method can be advantageous for heavily painted items, it often comes with risks such as swelling of furniture joints and compromising the piece's structural stability. Instead, Finish Pros employs a safer approach, stripping furniture using an overflow system that preserves the stability and integrity of your furniture.

Finish Pros does not cane or build new rush seat bottoms, but if we are taking on other parts of the project, such as refinishing, repair, or upholstery, we usually offer to bring the piece to a professional third party source for you who can handle the caning or rushing. Please note that using a third party can add a considerable amount of lag to a project’s ultimate turn-around time.

Finish Pros uses lacquer finishes, which are known for both their clarity and durability. The honest truth is that all finishes have their vulnerabilities, and anyone selling a “miracle finish” that can withstand all abuse is fibbing. While lacquer finished are categorically amongst the highest durability finishes, the way in which any particular finish holds up ultimately depends on the skill and knowledge of the finisher. Finish Pros craftsman are trained to aim for clarity and durability from the time a piece of furniture is stripped, up until it’s final clear coats of lacquer are applied.

Yes! In fact, dogs and cats seem to help the Finish Pros team stay busy. We have seen our craftsman virtually erase the most horrific dog-chew damage from some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture.

Finish Pros is unique as a refinishing and upholstery business in that we have a highly skilled and dedicated repair crew. Unlike many upholstery businesses that simply recover your furniture with new fabric, we can solidify frames, re-tie and re-web spring systems, and make sure that your sofa arrives to one of our upholsterers in tip-top shape.

Repairing and patching veneers, doing professional re-glues and shoring up your furniture for our refinishing room is also a highly important part of what we do.

Finish Pros is a locally owned business, and our emphasis is always on maintaining the level of service and integrity that has allowed us to grow and thrive in the Triangle area.

Finish Pros, serving Raleigh and neighboring areas, specializes in a diverse range of furniture refinishing services. Whether it's restoring antiques, modernizing kitchen cabinets, or refinishing various furniture like tables, chairs, and dressers, we're dedicated to rejuvenating your cherished pieces.

For residents in Raleigh and surrounding communities seeking a quote for furniture refinishing, scheduling an appointment with Finish Pros is your first step. Contact us at or (919) 848-3848. Share photos and details of your project for a more precise estimate.

Finish Pros is renowned for furniture restoration and refinishing in Raleigh. We incorporate small repairs as part of these extensive projects. For isolated small repair jobs, we gladly recommend local skilled craftsmen.

Our expert team at Finish Pros is committed to comprehensive furniture restoration and refinishing services. We can address hardware issues like broken hinges or handles as part of a larger restoration or refinishing project for your cherished furniture.

Yes, at Finish Pros in Raleigh, we can repair veneered furniture. Our skilled craftsmen are adept at patching, filling, and repairing damaged veneer in most cases, restoring the beauty and functionality of your cherished pieces.

Specializing in comprehensive refinishing, Finish Pros can address moving damage as part of a larger refinishing project. We recommend specialized services for on-site minor repairs.

For our Raleigh clients, we provide convenient pick-up and delivery services. We'll arrange to transport your furniture to and from our workshop safely and efficiently once your project is scheduled.

Absolutely! Committed to sustainability, Finish Pros offers eco-friendly refinishing options in Raleigh. This includes low-VOC and VOC-free finishes, ensuring a safer process for our clients and craftsmen alike.

The time frame for refinishing projects in the Raleigh area varies based on the furniture's size and complexity. Finish Pros focuses on balancing quick turnaround times with high-quality workmanship. We'll give you a tailored timeframe during our consultation.

In Raleigh, Finish Pros offers a warranty on our refinishing services, demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Please contact us for detailed information on our warranty terms and conditions.

Indeed! Our Raleigh-based team at Finish Pros excels in assisting clients with choosing suitable finishes and colors. We consider the furniture's usage, room aesthetics, and your personal style to provide the best recommendations.

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