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Welcome to Finish Pros, your trusted partner in preserving the beauty of your furniture for generations to come. As seasoned craftsmen, we understand the value of each piece of furniture, not just as an item but as a piece of family history. We recognize that we are mere caretakers, safeguarding these heirlooms for future generations to enjoy.

What sets Finish Pros apart is not just our commitment to craftsmanship but also our dedication to making the entire process seamless for you. We understand the importance of choosing the right company for such a significant endeavor. From assisting you in selecting the perfect color and stain to handling the logistics of pickup and delivery, we ensure that your experience is easy and stress-free.

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Furniture Refinishing

Get Results You’ll Love

Your furniture project doesn’t have to be a gamble. At Finish Pros, we combine friendly service with expert guidance. We understand it's an investment in your home, so we ask the right questions, considering your lifestyle and preferences. With our extensive knowledge of upholstery fabrics and wood finishes, we create lasting solutions you'll cherish for years.

Our work isn't just about transforming furniture; it's about creating enduring beauty that will be cherished by your family, friends, and neighbors. Most importantly, it's about honoring the legacy of these pieces for future generations to appreciate. At Finish Pros, we take this responsibility to heart, and it reflects in every piece we refinish.

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refinishing review
furniture refinishing

Professional Design Guidance

Our In-House Professional Design Guidance Makes Us Unique

On your own, the search for just the right fabric could go on and on. But with our in-house design guidance, choosing ideal materials and making other design decisions for your project is a breeze!

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