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    Sunbrella: Not Just for Your Patio Furniture – Discover Unmatched Durability and Style with Finish Pros


    At Finish Pros, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of upholstery materials, but one standout among them all is Sunbrella. Sunbrella, a North Carolina-based company owned by Glen Raven and located in Burlington, NC, provides a range of materials from budget-friendly solid canvas-like options to decorative patterned woven fabrics that rival the softest and most exquisite textiles worldwide.

    What sets Sunbrella apart?

    It all comes down to the simplicity of the yarn or thread used and the unique coloring method of their special acrylic thread. In the textile industry, this is known as the dyeing process. Glen Raven’s Sunbrella has perfected this with solution-dyed acrylic threads, making them fade-resistant for your outdoor cushion projects. But these materials offer even more!

    Many clients with active households choose Finish Pros’ collection of Sunbrella materials for indoor use. Imagine having a completely stain-resistant material on your bonus room sectional or a red wine-proof white fabric in your kitchen or dining room. Well, here you go, as some may say!

    Custom Upholstery Specialists

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    Furniture Upholstery Experience

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    At Finish Pros, we are dedicated to offering the best materials and services to meet all your custom upholstery and furniture restoration needs. Whether you’re looking to revamp your indoor or outdoor furniture, our team is here to help you find the perfect Sunbrella fabric for your project.

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