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    Why is My Leather Sofa Peeling?

    peeling sofa

    In the realm of furniture, the allure of a leather sofa lies in its elegance and durability. However, a rising concern among homeowners is the unexpected peeling of what was believed to be genuine leather upholstery. This distressing issue often stems from a misunderstanding and misrepresentation of the material used in their furniture. Over the past two decades, many furniture dealers have inaccurately marketed upholstered furniture as genuine leather, when in reality, these pieces were cloaked in a material known within the industry as “recycled leather.” Contrary to what its name might suggest, recycled leather contains little to no real leather. It is, in essence, a woven fabric finished with a thin layer of polyurethane designed to mimic the texture and suppleness of authentic leather.

    Recycled Leather

    The appeal of recycled leather was undeniable, offering a soft and supple alternative that seemed perfect for those prioritizing cost-effectiveness or ethical considerations. However, the early generations of this material were plagued with a critical flaw: the bonding agent used in its production frequently failed, leading to peeling and flaking that left owners dismayed and disillusioned.


    At Finish Pros, we encountered the limitations of recycled leather firsthand. Initially, we recommended it as an eco-friendly and affordable option, always ensuring our clients were informed about its nature. Yet, the reality of its durability fell short of expectations, prompting us to undertake costly recoveries for our clients—a decision driven by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

    Is there hope to restore peeling sofas?

    Now, years later, we still receive calls from individuals hoping to restore their peeling sofas. The truth we share is straightforward: there is no remedy for peeling leather other than reupholstery. Recognizing this, we’ve curated a selection of genuine leather hides and high-quality simulated leathers that promise both beauty and longevity. Remarkably, our simulated leather options offer a cost-saving of up to 40% compared to genuine leather, without sacrificing the luxurious feel and durability our clients deserve.

    At Finish Pros, we’re dedicated to providing solutions that blend aesthetics, functionality, and value. Whether you’re seeking to preserve the sentimental value of a cherished piece or simply aspiring to elevate your space, we’re here to guide you through the selection of materials that align with your vision, ensuring satisfaction without compromise.

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