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We Are Raleigh’s Custom Upholstery Solution

Our deep understanding of furniture construction of all types, styles, and eras means we’re able to renew and refresh any piece we work on from the inside out.

While it’s common practice in our industry to cover over old fabric, our rigorous processes call for removing old fabric with near-surgical precision, inspection for and repairs to any hidden issues, refinishing of any exposed wood, and finally, application of the new fabric.

Custom Upholstery Solution

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Custom Upholstery

Not Just About
Recovering Furniture

Custom upholstery - it’s not just about recovering a piece of furniture – it’s about upgrading your home’s style.

Your home doesn’t have to look tired and dated just because you have a piece or two in the mix that have seen better days. We’ll help you level up your home’s style by renewing and restyling existing furnishings.

custom upholstering review
custom upholstering review
not just about custom upholstery

Professional Design Guidance

Our In-House Professional Design Guidance Makes Us Unique

On your own, the search for just the right fabric could go on and on. But with our in-house design guidance, choosing ideal materials and making other design decisions for your project is a breeze!

professional design guidance
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