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    Unlock the Secret to Perfect Upholstery Fabric: Expert Tips from Finish Pros

    Color & Pattern

    Choosing the right fabric for your furniture is more than a design decision; it's about creating a space that reflects your style, meets your needs, and tells your unique story. In this blog, we'll share insider tips on selecting the perfect upholstery fabric that combines style, durability, and personal flair.

    Permantent stain, fade & bacteria resistant

    Embrace High-Performance Fabrics

    In the world of upholstery at Finish Pros, beauty coexists with remarkable durability. We provide fabrics that captivate visually while demonstrating extraordinary resilience. Picture linen-like materials, exuding elegance yet boasting complete stain resistance, with some even being bleach-cleanable. Our multi-yarn woven fabrics merge diverse threads to offer depth and visual interest, all while maintaining a soft, inviting touch. These fabrics are engineered to endure the constant activity of places like five-star hotel lobbies, ideal for bustling households and frequented commercial spaces.

    Embracing these advanced materials means no compromise between style and practicality. Our fabric selections infuse lasting elegance and robust functionality into your furniture, ensuring it remains a treasured focal point in your space, resilient to life's unexpected moments.

    The Plush Life: Comfort Meets Style


    When it comes to creating a sanctuary of comfort, plush fabrics are unmatched. These materials are not just a treat for the senses, offering unparalleled softness, but they also bring a luxurious aesthetic to any space. Ideal for family-friendly environments, plush fabrics provide a welcoming and warm touch to your home. The durability of these fabrics ensures they can withstand daily use, making them perfect for living rooms, dens, and bedrooms where comfort is a priority.

    But plush isn't just about comfort; it's also about style. These fabrics pair beautifully with a variety of material patterns. For a classic look, consider combining plush fabrics with subtle, understated patterns like small checks or stripes. For a more modern and bold statement, pair them with geometric patterns or abstract designs. The versatility of plush materials allows them to complement both traditional and contemporary décor, making them a superb choice for a range of interior design themes. Whether you're refurbishing a cherished family heirloom or bringing a fresh look to a modern piece, plush fabrics offer both the comfort and style that make your furniture truly stand out.

    Color and Pattern: The Soul of Your Upholstery

    Choosing the right color and pattern is where your personality shines through. Whether you want your furniture to harmonize with your existing decor or make a bold statement, our expert team at Finish Pros can guide you through this exciting process. From subtle hues to vibrant patterns, we help you find the perfect match that complements your space and the style of your furniture.

    Statement Pieces: Dare to Be Different

    Why not venture into the realm of bold and expressive fabrics? At Finish Pros, we encourage our clients to explore fabrics that make a statement. Think bright colors, striking patterns, or textured weaves for accent pieces and pillows. These elements can dynamically change the feel of a room, and they’re easily swapped out for a fresh look.

    Lifestyle-Friendly Fabrics: Live Without Limits

    Your lifestyle should dictate your fabric choice, not the other way around. We offer a variety of lifestyle-friendly fabrics that stand up to snacks in the family room or a glass of red wine during movie night. It’s all about finding materials that let you live your life freely and without worry.

    Your Fabric, Your Story

    Every upholstery project at Finish Pros is a journey towards creating something uniquely yours. We specialize in helping you select the perfect fabric that aligns with your lifestyle, taste, and the story you want your furniture to tell. In Raleigh and beyond, we're known not just for our craftsmanship but for our commitment to bringing your vision to life.

    Ready to transform your furniture with the perfect fabric? Contact Finish Pros today, and let’s start the exciting journey of upholstery transformation together!

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