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    Will I ruin my furniture by painting?

    Do you have cherished wood furniture in your home that no longer suits your style? Perhaps you’ve had it for many years and have simply outgrown the look, or you inherited it from a family member and it never quite fit in with the rest of your furniture. If you’re ready for a change, lacquer painting may be the perfect option for you! It is a fantastic way to give your pieces a fresh look, and it can make even the most traditional furniture look more modern and updated!

    Lacquer Painting Specialists 

    Over the years, Finish Pros has developed a thorough process for achieving a factory-grade painted lacquer finish. Unlike traditional paints, lacquer paint can always be removed in the future when it’s time for a new change! Our lacquer paints will not stick deep into the wood grain leading to difficult removal and staining like other furniture paints.

    Latest Trend: Lacquer Painting Furniture

    For years, it would nearly bring tears to my eyes to see a gorgeous mahogany or cherry wood piece being painted. Hours were spent tediously removing the old layers of paint brushed on by previous generations when the current owner wanted to restore the piece back to a classic wood tone. As you may know, painted finishes have once again become a popular method of updating furniture. Finish Pros has the solution to help you achieve the fresh look you want without the worry of making a permanent commitment to paint.

    (Unlike traditional paints, lacquer paint can always be removed at a later date)

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