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    Why Would You Paint That?

    Changing Trends and Painted Finishes

    At FinishPros, we frequently encounter clients asking, “Why would you paint that?” It’s a valid question, especially when dealing with high-quality, solid wood furniture. The answer lies in the transformative power of paint, particularly lacquer, which can rejuvenate and modernize outdated pieces while preserving their integrity for future generations. Let’s explore a few examples to illustrate this process and educate our clients on the benefits and nuances of painted finishes.

    Example 1: Transforming a Solid Oak Dining Room Set

    Before & After: Transforming a Solid Oak Dining Room Set

    Linda reached out to FinishPros for ideas on how to update her solid oak dining room set. The set, while structurally sound, felt outdated next to her newly renovated kitchen. Linda wanted a modern look that would blend seamlessly with her contemporary kitchen design.

    The Consultation

    During our initial consultation, we discussed various options, including stains and painted finishes. Linda was drawn to the idea of a painted lacquer finish, specifically in a color called “Integrity White.” This choice promised a fresh, clean look while preserving the set’s durability.

    The Process

    Transforming Linda’s dining room set involved several meticulous steps:

    Hand Stripping and Removing the Old Finish: We began by carefully stripping the old finish, ensuring we didn’t damage the wood underneath.
    Detailed Sanding: Sanding is a crucial step that prepares the wood for the new finish. It’s a meditative process for our team, laying the foundation for great results.
    Filling Open Wood Grain: Oak is known for its prominent grain. To achieve a smooth, lacquered finish, we filled the open grain, providing a flawless surface for painting.
    Applying Lacquer: We applied several coats of painted lacquer, with detailed sanding between each coat to ensure a smooth and even finish.
    Final Touches: The table top received a beautiful gray wood stain, adding depth and contrast to the Integrity White lacquer.

    The Result

    The end result was stunning. Linda’s dining room set looked brand new, perfectly complementing her modern kitchen while retaining the durability and character of solid oak. This project exemplifies how a painted lacquer finish can breathe new life into a beloved piece of furniture.

    Lacquer vs. Traditional Paint

    It’s essential to understand the difference between lacquer and traditional paint. Lacquer chemically bonds to previous layers, creating a durable, solvent-based finish. This means that even after 10, 50, or 100 years, the lacquer can be removed, revealing the original wood underneath. Traditional paints, however, penetrate deeply into the wood grain, often leaving permanent residue. This is particularly true for open-grain woods like oak, mahogany, walnut, and rosewood.

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    Example 2: Reversing the Chalk Paint Trend

    A few years ago, there was a rage for using chalk paints to create a shabby chic look. While this trend was popular, it often led to irreversible damage to beautiful antique furniture.

    The Project

    A client brought us a stunning 19th-century corner cabinet that had been painted with chalk paint in a shabby chic style. The trend had passed, and she wanted the cabinet to have a cleaner, more modern painted appearance.

    The Challenge

    Chalk paint particles penetrate deeply into the wood grain, making them difficult to remove completely. Stripping the chalk paint revealed remnants embedded in the wood, posing a challenge for achieving a smooth finish.

    The Solution

    We discussed with the client that while we could re-paint the cabinet with lacquer, the chalk paint particles might still be visible to some extent. The new lacquer finish would provide a cleaner look, but future generations might not be able to restore the cabinet to its original wood tone without significant effort.

    The Result

    We applied a painted lacquer finish to the cabinet, successfully concealing the chalk paint particles and giving the piece a new lease on life. This project highlights the importance of choosing the right paint for long-term preservation and aesthetics. If you’re looking for “furniture restoration near me” or “antique furniture restoration near me,” consider the long-term effects of the materials you choose.

    Example 3: Changing Trends and Painted Finishes

    Styles in furniture finishes change over time, moving from painted finishes to natural wood tones and back again. In the 1960s and 70s, multiple layers of white, yellow, and green paint were applied to furniture. By the 80s and 90s, natural wood became popular again, and today, designers blend both styles.

    Changing Trends and Painted Finishes

    The Versatility of Lacquer

    Lacquer finishes offer endless possibilities for customization. At FinishPros, we can match any sample provided by our clients, including Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams paint tones. Lacquer comes in a variety of sheens, from dead flat and matte to high gloss.

    Sheen Matters

    While high gloss finishes are popular, they are also impractical for everyday use. High gloss surfaces show every micro scuff and scratch, reflecting light in a way that highlights imperfections. At FinishPros, we guide our clients to select not only the right paint tone but also the best sheen for their project. A matte or satin finish often provides a more practical and aesthetically pleasing result.

    Blending Styles

    Modern design trends encourage mixing and matching. You might see classic walnut end tables paired with a cobalt blue coffee table. The options are endless, and our team at FinishPros can help you achieve the perfect look for your home. For those searching “furniture upholstery near me” or “furniture upholstery repair near me,” our expertise ensures your furniture not only looks great but also fits seamlessly into your design vision.

    Conclusion: The Art of Painted Furniture

    At FinishPros, we view our work as an art form. Each piece of furniture we refinish tells a story, and we are honored to be part of that journey. Whether updating a dining room set to match a new kitchen, reversing the effects of outdated trends, or helping clients navigate changing styles, our goal is to bring joy and satisfaction through our craftsmanship.

    Educational Insights

    Understand the Difference: Lacquer and traditional paint serve different purposes. Lacquer can be reversed, preserving the integrity of the wood, while traditional paint often leaves permanent marks.
    Choose Wisely: When selecting a finish, consider both the aesthetic and practical implications. High gloss may look stunning, but a matte or satin finish is often more durable and forgiving.
    Trust the Process: Quality refinishing requires careful preparation and application. Hand stripping, detailed sanding, and multiple coats of lacquer ensure a durable and beautiful finish.

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    Final Thoughts

    Painting furniture, especially with lacquer, offers a way to modernize and preserve cherished pieces. At FinishPros, we combine our passion for furniture with expert techniques to deliver results that stand the test of time. Whether you’re updating an old piece to fit a new style or preserving an antique for future generations, painted finishes offer endless possibilities for transformation and renewal.

    For those seeking “furniture restoration services” or “furniture upholstery shops near me,” FinishPros is your trusted partner. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring your furniture looks beautiful and serves your needs for years to come.

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