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How To Tell If Your Sofa Is Worth Reupholstering

Dec 2, 2021 | Uncategorized

Written by Ben W., Sales Manager Why should someone invest in having a sofa restored? Why should a person spend money on fixing up something old, when the same amount of money can be used at any one of the big furniture showrooms to buy something shiny and new?  It comes down to quality. The American furniture industry has been outsourced to…well, a country far, far away. The last of the true furniture greats left our shores in the early 2000’s for a location due east of here, and let’s just say that they decided not to take a friend named quality along with them. It’s a shame beyond shames. Some of the most iconic, reputable furniture brands (the one’s that made my home state of NC famous) now produce flimsy things made of particle-wood, slapped together haphazardly with glue and staples. It’s junk, plain and simple, and you’re really lucky if you get ten years out of it. A good sofa can last a lifetime and then some. To over-simplify it: you can either spend $2000 or more on a new piece of junk that won’t last you very long, or you can invest around $1500 or so in reupholstery labor and fabric in order to give new life to a quality-built sofa — one that is “built like a tank”. The bonus of the latter option is also that you get to customize the sofa to your liking, as opposed to picking from the limited selection of a showroom floor. So before you throw out that heavy sofa you purchased in 1992, or 1978, or even back in 60’s, consider that it’s really heavy for a reason. There’s real wood in there. Those are coil springs you’ve been sitting on. That’s quality — it’s Made in America. A great upholstery business can restore that sofa to it’s former state of glory, for the same amount of money that would buy you something low-quality. The logic is all there: if you have a quality sofa, reupholster.